Executive Coaching?
The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching Areas
Goal-setting, Strategy, Communication, Project Management
As an Executive Fellow Coach at BetterUp (a U.S. based organization), I currently work with corporate managers and leaders across the globe.

Client Testimonials
“Vijay is a passionate coach with generous attitude looking to sincerely solve the problems.”
-Regional Manager, Sports Start-Up

“Vijay is a seasoned professional who is well-versed with many time tested models and theories for business management and strategy. His pragmatic approach would help executives think clearly and more rationally which helps in better decision making.”-Founder, Technology Start-Up

“I found working with Vijay and the experience of being coached extremely helpful and positive. I was able to clearly identify and frame key personal and professional development related challenges and think through practical solutions to achieve them. Specifically, working with Vijay has materially improved my ability to empower and develop my team, and leverage my time and abilities. Vijay’s approach has been flexible and objective, and I am very grateful for the balance of support and challenge over the course of the sessions.”-Counsel, Law Firm

“Vijay made me dig deep into my own hidden thoughts, brought some clarity into my thinking, focus on my vision for my business and question myself on what would happen if i do things differently. His subtle way of coaching is what has helped me to embark on a different model for my business.”-Founder, Health & Fitness Start-up

“Vijay’s approach to coaching helped me realize what my strengths & weaknesses are and how I can utilize my strengths to improve my career prospects. He brings up different examples & insights into his coaching sessions from his vast and combined experience of working in corporate, sports & NGO setups which makes those sessions very interesting as well as valuable.”
-Program Manager, MNC

“I have been coached for project management from Vijay for close to one year now. I must say that it’s been enriching experience and helped me to get third person perspective to address any organisational challenges. I would strongly recommend Executive Coaching to any corporate professional since this is a exceptional approach in accomplishing professional and personal goals.”-Project Manager, Sports Start-Up

“Vijay’s approach brought me immediate benefits and what was particularly useful is that, I constantly received meaningful and clear information and feedback that I could act upon. Due to the coaching sessions, I have a much better understanding of how I think and act in certain situations. As a result, this has helped me to develop processes for a more productive and ultimately effective workflow.”-Counsel, Law Firm