Research Areas
Sports Management, Policy, Strategy, Analytics

SDM Research Centre for Management Studies
University of Mysore

Currently working on my thesis, an exploratory study on the strategic implementation of the sports policy by organisations at the grassroots level.

Research question
What strategies have been adopted by organizations to implement the grassroots sports policy within Karnataka?

Publications -

Paper Title:GoSports Foundation: Going Beyond The Gold
Co-author: Dr. Sanjeev Tripathi, IIM Indore
GoSports Foundation is a non-profit venture that developed India’s emerging athletic talent through athletic scholarships and other supports that helped the athletes achieve sports excellence. The foundation had limited funding and numerous applicants, requiring that it carefully choose the athletes it would support. Nandan Kamath, a co-founder of the organization, has to choose one athlete from several applicants for support. He also has to decide whether the foundation should start supporting the development of coaches and trainers and how it should balance its support with a desire to advance the profile of athletes competing in the Paralympics.

Full-text paper

Paper Title: Performance Management in Non-Profit Sports Organizations using Balanced Scorecard Co-author: Dr. M.R.Suresh, SDMIMD Mysore
The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology is a widely accepted tool to manage performance in for-profit organizations. Although the BSC has been adapted for non-profit organizations, the relevance and applicability of the tool specific to India’s sports sector remain an unexplored area. The purpose of this study is to scan the existing literature on the usage of BSC in managing the performance of non-profit sports organizations, then examine the challenges and opportunities for future adaptation.

Conferences -

2nd International Conclave on Globalizing Indian Thought (GIT-2021)
Indian Institute of Management (Kozhikode)

December 16-18, 2021

Paper Title: Implementation of the Sports Policy in India: A scan of extant literature and Conceptual Framework
Co-author: Dr. M.R.Suresh, SDMIMD Mysore
While sports in India have evolved in the past decade, the implementation of the sports policy leaves a lot to be desired. With 26% of the population below the age of 14, amounting to 338 million students at the grassroots, the institutions play a crucial role in implementing mass participation in sport. The purpose of this study is to scan the existing literature on sports policy, then examine the challenges and opportunities to integrate sports education at the grassroots.

Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trend
SDM Institute of Management Development (Mysore)

November 25-26, 2021

Paper Title: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Sports Sector: A scan of extant literature with a special focus on Odisha State
Co-author: Dr. M.R.Suresh, SDMIMD Mysore
The recent success of Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has been attributed to the collaboration of several stakeholders in the sports eco-system namely the Government, private companies, and non-profit organizations. By reviewing the relevant literature, the study aims to provide managerial implications on how State Governments across India can develop a framework for implementing the PPP model within the sports sector.

Full-text paper :

MathSport International Conference
University of Reading (UK)

June 24-25, 2021

Paper Title: What elements of the opening set influence the outcome of a tennis match? An in-depth analysis of Wimbledon data
Co-authors: Kapil Gupta, Dr. Soudeep Deb, IIM Bangalore
This study aims to examine the importance of winning the first set in grand slam tennis matches. The proposed method provides an agenda for future research to analyze in-depth, and can be used effectively by players and coaches for their continuous improvement.